Epoxy Floor Materials

Proudly Manufactured in the USA,
Provided to Installers World Wide.

What are Epoxy Floor Materials?

Superskinsystems manufactures a vast amount of different coatings which can be ordered as Clear, Colored and Skid resistant for use over concrete and a variety of other substrates that require U.V. and chemical resistance.

The finished look of Epoxy Floor Materials is limited only to the imagination.

Epoxy Floor Surfaces

When using Epoxy Floor Materials you will need to keep in mind how the surface will be cleaned after the application is completed. If applying a non skid the larger the aggregate the harder it will be to use a broom to clean the floor. On exterior applications the Epoxy Floor Materials can be easier to clean with a garden hose.

Concrete Floor Applications

Before considering an application over concrete on the bottom floor you should tape a few square feet with Saran wrap and when pulling it up the next day look for signs of moisture. Moisture could be a sign of hydro static pressure which would flake or lift any type coating, not just Epoxy Floor Materials.